The Program rewards members that shop at participating Southern Steer Butcher locations. You may also be able to receive points, offers and benefits for eligible purchases made through our website at Members will receive one point for each whole dollar spent on eligible purchases. Each point is worth one cent off the purchase of other future eligible purchases. We do reserve the right to change or eliminate any of the points, rewards, and benefits of the Program and to change and eliminate the eligible purchases. You must join the Program to earn points and other Program benefits.

To redeem points, when checking out at any participating Southern Steer Butcher location, simply provide a valid photo-identification and the phone number associated with the membership at a participating Southern Steer Butcher location. Your points will be credited for eligible purchases. You may also be able to redeem points through purchases made on our website at

Purchases from certain locations will not apply to the Program. These include non-participating Southern Steer Butcher locations, and non-traditional locations such as farmers markets, concerts, airports, universities, and the like.