Wild Game Processing

Wild Game Protocol-Animal Processing has commenced again! AS of 8/4/17!

We take great pride in processing wild game for hunters.  Our experienced butchers can set you up with many great meals and treats to satisfy your needs.  Some protocols are required to be sure all USDA regulations are followed.  Please read this in its entirety to ensure the best possible service and relationship with Southern Steer Butcher.

All wild game received shall be in a non-Styrofoam, sealed, non-leaking cooler.

Customer name must be visible on cooler. Game must be on ice (not FROZEN or in COLD WATER).  Frozen game will not be accepted under any circumstance.  The internal temperature of the meat will be tested upon receipt. NO MEAT OVER 41 DEGREES OR WITH THE HIDE STILL ATTACHED WILL BE ACCEPTED.
Customer information sheet will be completed at time of drop off. This will contain customer information as well as processing requests. Such as: Cut into: Roasts (Bone-in/Boneless), Chops (Bone-in/Boneless), Steaks (Bone-in/Boneless), Cubed, Ground, Stew, Sausage (Bulk or Link) and if 30% of SS product will be included. Note, the price for “Process three” below includes a 30% mix of SSB product. Any other ratio below 30% will be at the same price. Nothing will be mixed greater than 30% without managements’ prior pricing and approval.
Pricing will be three tiered:
Process One – Cut steaks, cubed, roasts or ground $1.75/LB
Process Two- Made into sausage $2.00/LB
Process Three- Mixed with 30% of our beef or pork $3.00/LB
All orders will be processed chronologically as they are received (first in first out).
Once order is complete, the customer will be notified by telephone.  The customer MUST PICK UP THE ORDER (or make arrangements for someone to pick-up) within 24 hours of processing. This is crucial for several reasons: 1) we do not have adequate storage space for extended periods of time. 2) Your freshly processed product will be refrigerated NOT FROZEN, so it is imperative it is picked up within 24 hours. Southern Steer Butcher will not be responsible for product quality after 24 hours from processing.  All finished game not picked up with 24 hours will be charged $25/day storage fee.
Note: There will be acceptance limitations on the week prior to, Holidays.  At this point a reservation sheet will be started.