At Southern Steer, we believe that food is truly an experience. In our stores, you’ll find all kinds of unique and social-media worthy food experiences; from learning the secrets of the butcher to building that perfect charcuterie board, we’ve got the food experiences that will release your inner chef to new heights of creativity.

Meal Prep Classes

Experience the benefits of meal prepping in a fun, hands-on environment with our food prep classes. You’ll learn how to create fresh meals packed with nutritious and quality ingredients. Our interactive classes not only make meal prep easy but also ensure that every dish you take home is ready to cook and enjoy.

Great Value



Charcuterie Class

If you want to really amp up your creativity, Our charcuterie classes will teach you how to make amazing charcuterie boards; complete with salami roses! You’ll be the hit of your next party with your new creative skills AND you’ll keep the board and all of the food you create during the class!

Dry Aging Club

Our Lakeway, Texas, location is the first of our Southern Steer locations to offer a salt-block dry ager. Memberships in the Dry Aging Club allows you to secure your location in the Dry Ager, and, you’ll be able to purchase and Dry Age your steaks at the timing of your choosing. Space is extremely limited and includes a custom name plate.

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