Jun 1, 2023


6 Months. 6 Cuts. $299.

At Southern Steer Butcher, we are thrilled to introduce our Juicy Cuts Club! Our six-month steak-of-the-month membership offers an unparalleled selection of premium cuts at an unbeatable value. With each month, you will receive a unique and mouth-watering cut that will elevate your meal experience to the next level.

Our team of expert butchers’ hand-selects each cut to ensure that you receive only the best quality meats. By joining the Juicy Cuts Club, you’ll have access to cuts that you might not have tried otherwise, expanding your culinary horizons and impressing your taste buds with a unique and unforgettable flavor experience.

Each month from the second Monday through Sunday, you will pick up your Juicy Cut of the month!  You will also receive 5 cooking recipes/ instructions for each cut.  As a special “thank you” for signing up you will receive an exclusive Southern Steer Butcher cutting board, we also have a special surprise for you at the end.

Looking for the perfect gift for the dads in your life? Give the gift of a Juicy Cuts Club membership this Father’s Day! Or treat yourself and your loved ones to this incredible experience.


  • July: Tomahawk Ribeye (3-3.5 LBS) 
  • August: Bison New York Strip (1 LB) 
  • September: Korean Cut Short Ribs (2 LBS) 
  • October:  Tri Tip Roast (3-3.5 LBS) 
  • November: Hanger Steak (2 LBS) 
  • December: MB7 Wagyu Ribeye (1 LB) 

Questions? Please email meghan@southernsteer.com.

You can sign up from June 1st- June 17th in store or online!

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